perjantai 20. toukokuuta 2011

Waiting for the Weekend

Finally Friday! The week's been pretty good, disturbing and scary, but good.

Yesterday in karate we had seoi nage and ashi barai, what basically means judo. And as you can imagine I was all up for it x) We started off by doing some kihon kata for warm-up and then some ukemi-drills. We didn't actually really get to throw each other with ippon-seio-nage since only few of us knows the 'soft' ukemi and they haven't done throws that much. Basically we just did a somersault or a ukemi over the thrower. With de-ashi-barai it got a bit more 'action rich' ;) Then we finished up doing some o-soto-gari :) But in a weird karate-way... That training made me realize.. again.. how much I miss my old judo-club. not just the sport itself but the people there : ( I have to visit there again soon. I have to get to throw peopleeeee! xD

Now today... Cleaning. We'll see if a couple of friends will come by later today ;) My flat-mate is gonna be freaked out if she bumps into those blokes, since their humour is.. maybe not for everyone. I should also read for Saturday's exam but that's highly unlikely to happen. Then on Saturday I'm off to Central Finland. :) Can't wait to see my family & friends :)))

Listening to Michael Jackson, Hurts and folk metal.. O_O that's one weird combo. x)

Such a great weather again. :) Feel like I should just go to somewhere and lay on the grass...

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