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Broadchurch and a quick update containing absolutely nothing of importance

Wohoo! Broadchurch is finally being broadcast also in Finland! MTV3 19.9.2013 21:00. 

If this British crime series is unfamiliar then just... watch it. Really. It is one of the best ones out there. I have to confess that I started watching it because David Tennant was in it, but from very early on it was clear that the show was something special. 

The story is basically a murder investication in a small costal town where a body of a young boy has been found. Besides being a crime series it also concentrates heavily on the impact it has on the small community. Similar thing might happen in any small town, where everybody knows everybody. How does a murder and the media affect the community? 

The show might be a little more slow-paced than others out there, but it still manages to be very gripping. Not only is the cast brilliant - Olivia Coleman as the 'good-cop' and Tennant as the grumpy-cat-like depressed-looking detective are just amazing - but also the music and the whole atmosphere of the show is really close-knitted, moody, beautifully shot and emotional.   

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So much for that :) My life outside popular culture and obsessing over fictional characters is quite boring. I have fever and haven't been to any lectures outside one philosophy lecture, which was actually quite nice. Except that now I have to read two books for that exam... and so far they're extremely dull. 

So now I'm just sipping a mixture of booze and ice tea... and staring at pictures of Tom Hiddleston in Tumblr. Yes. I'll go and continue that now. Bye!  

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