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Wibbly wobbly timey wimey!

What the hell has happened to me..? x) I have finally found my inner Doctor Who fangirl! ...well, fangirl in general. And finally managed to write about it as well, it's been months now and I am absolutely hooked to the show!

During the first 2000's Doctor (Eccelston) I watched the show every once in a while, but something was missing still.

Then came THE Doctor.

David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, proved to be perfect for the role of this weird and wonderful time-traveller with that child-like energy, which really conveyed that he was enjoying himself tremendously. Of course I later found out that he'd himself been a fan since he was four years old or something and grew up with Tom Baker's version of the Doctor. Despite the bursts of energy and humour that he brought to the show, he is also managed to bring in the darker. sadder and the lonelier aspect of the character really nicely. Not to mention those beautiful brown eyes ;)

It took me a month's waiting to be able to watch The End of Time, where Ten regenerates into Eleven. A process in which also the actor naturally changed into Matt Smith. I like him well enough, but Ten is still definately 'my Doctor', as they say.

A very well made trailer of the Ten

This is the first time in a long while when I'm so thrilled about an actor. Actually I'm also going to see his performance as Richard II in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production in Stratford upon Avon in October, which is basically a dream come true. I still can't believe it really.

   Tennant as Hamlet. Pic from the Guardian's website.

ALSO I'm going to see Tom Hiddleston at the Donmar! What the hell!!! It finally seems like I have gone crazy, but hey... at least it's for Shakespeare ;) since I found out about those two actors I've found the inspiration for studying and reading again. I've also rediscovered my love for Shakespeare, which first kindled while reading Macbeth at high school. I could not even understand all of it, but it just felt like something special. The language was incredibly beautiful and the play itself was even quite scary! A feeling I didn't think a 400-year-old play would manage to wake up.

Tom Hiddleston as Henry V.  

Now all the plays I've read include Macbeth, Othello and Merchant of Venice (both for a course at the Uni), Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing and King Lear. Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing are probably my favourites. The other one is so dark and the other so hilarious.

But so much for that! :D

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  1. Vastaan suomeksi, koska tiedän, että ymmärrät. Tykkään itse hirveästi Hamletista, muita en tosin noista Wiltsun näytelmistä ole lukenutkaan, mutta aion sen joskus tehdä (lukea siis niitä muitakin) ja täytyy sanoa (asiasta seuraavaan), että onhan toi Tennant aika tosi hyvä näyttelijä. Oon itsekin katsonut jopa muutaman jakson Doctor Whota, mutta en juurikaan sen jälkeen kun tuli se toinen. En oikeestaan oo vielä päässyt kärryille siitä, mikä se kokonaisuus on, mutta siitä se ainakin on hyvä sarja, että sitä on kiva katsoa, vaikkei tiedä kaikkea.

    Tennant on muuten Harry Pottereissakin. Barty Kyyry Jr. ;)

    - E

    1. Shakespeare on kyllä tosi vaikuttavaa kamaa. Toisinaan kyllä vähän raskassoutuista, mutta silti :D

      Barty on kiva! Doctor Who on kyllä vähän sellanen, että ensin se vaikuttaa ihan mielipuoliselta, mutta sitten jos siihen pääsee kunnolla mukaan niin se kyllä vie mennessään :) ...katoin Tennantin jaksot varmaan kahdessa viikossa - todella mahtava näyttelijä. Mutta hienoa huomata, että muutkin edes tietävät koko sarjan! xD