torstai 13. tammikuuta 2011


A day off from school. I've been using my time extremely productively and been mainly cooking cheap student food (Pea-soup) and surfing online.

I had a great day yesterday; The Academic Writing -course groups started and it's looking good! I ended up in a very small group luckily - only 6 people - so I'm a bit more relaxed. I don't really like huge groups. Apparently I'm a bit shy I quess... : ) Tomorrow at eight another beginning course: Spoken english.. A  new teacher also.. feeling a bit excited ;)

In the evening then it was training time again! : )) The "topic" was Kihon oyo jutsu, which basically means pair-applications of the Kihon kata's techniques. The warm up was done with ukemi drills, which I love (as an sort of ex-judoka) I still can't make the difference between the two rolling ukemis though and the legs are always killing me since it took me a long time to get them right the 'judo-way' and now I should unlearn that! :D Again I had a funny incident when in one of the applications the opponent takes a hold on your gi and then you need to perfom the technique. Well... I didn't really think and just took a normal judo-hold on her jacket as a natural reaction to her hold on my gi  x) She just watched me like "What the hell....." And it definately wasn't the first time I did some goofy judo-stuff in karate! And it for sure won't be the last time...

This evening it's going to be Kihon kata :) Which is a brain-killer for all those movement series. My memory is good - but extremely short... and the mirrors are really disturbing. I can't really get why all the other girls there are so exited every time we do kata. Yeah.. It looks cool and it's really good way to learn and so on but I find all the applications just as intresting or even more! Maybe I haven't watched enough Karate kid..  x) well, At leas this time it's going to be difficult to mix it up with judo!


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