maanantai 10. tammikuuta 2011


Back in Vaasa! Holiday's over.. and I had my first lecture today: "English phonetics and pronunciation", which is  quite intresting actually.. Probably it's going to be a hard course. I have to get all those phonetic markings stuffed in my head somehow... :D

I've been a bit sick for the last five days so we'll see what my body has to say about today's karate trainings.. The biggest problem might be the fact that I haven't eaten that much and I've lost a lot of fluids. I've lost almost one kilo per day. Not that it's a bad thing - There definately is something from whitch to lose - but my endurance has gotten even worse than it was and when I walked to school it almost seemed as if my leg muscles had suddenly vanished somewhere...

So.. Today should involve some blocking exercises and futari geiko.. I was thinking of doing some stretching beforehand (only 200m to the dojo - nice) and maybe that way get rid of this damn sluggishness.

This spring's  - well let's say the whole year's - goal is: 1. Lose weight 2. Have an orange belt 3. Learn
 something!  The latter also applies to school. ;)  

AAa! Nearly forgot the best part of the whole holiday! Which was that I was able to go to my old judo club's trainings again after a long time :))) (The last time was during the springholiday.) The reason why I can't go there more often is that I live 250km from there now ;( and I only visit home during some weekends when they usually have no official trainings. I had almost forgotten how much fun that sport is!!! Ecpecially when it's done in that club! No matter what but that will always be "The Judo Club" for me :) I just love those blokes.. I could just go on forever about the awesomeness of that place ;)

It's just so easy to train when you know the people so well and you actually can train. In karate it sometimes is so that I'm sort of stuck with this girl (because we are the same belt and often the only girls there) who is.. well.. not as "strongly built" ;) as myself. Just try and do a choke on someone who you constantly fear might break apart! :D Don't get me wrong! I'm not one of those who hate to train with someone. It would just be more benefitical to train with someone of your own size and mentality..

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