tiistai 19. heinäkuuta 2011

Beachvolley widow

Life has been great lately. Here it seems like you're living in a bubble full of life and friends. The only thing shadowing my mind is the fact that folks back home seem to have decided not to like my choices. And that sucks. Hugely. Even when they haven't met the person I happen to be dating and the good friend that I found.
I truly hope things will change. Seems so wrong that I have been accepted with open arms by his family.

I had one half of my best friends from Multia to visit here. We had a great time! At least I did! x) Funny how people bump into company that is so alike and yet so different and still manage to have a blast. I feel really fortunate to have great friends in both places. New ones here and old, but nonetheless absolutely awesome, back home. I can probably count my best/closest friends with one hand. Quality is way better than quantity.  People who I can trust are extremely hard to find - because I'm an emotionally disturbed and closed person with serious trust issues ;))) - and now there's two more of those rare gems and one of them even seems to be something more than that : )

And now to something completely different...


x) Love you all!

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