keskiviikko 3. elokuuta 2011

Greetings, O my beloved ones!

It's back to school (Oh, yeah.. It's not a school it's a uni. People keep telling me that but whatever). Next week I'm off to the summer university, where I decided to go on a course that deals with European Union and stuff. It's one of the few courses that fit to my study goals (it's a part of this Intercultural Studies -minor subject complex that I've been doing.)

It's actually great to start studying already! It's weird how you miss it during the holiday. There's just something about learning things that keeps me on my feet. Probably the cruel reality will struck in a few days but it's worth it. Also, I'm planning on taking part to this autumns minor exams... I haven't decided which subject I should concentrate on. Germany or Swedish... That's a tough one. One option would also be Communication Studies (Viestintätieteet).

Life would be awesome if I hadn't have constant money problems. It's not so easy to try and live on one's own even if the folks would pay the rent. That's why I've been fighting a constant paper-war with various institutions the last couple of weeks. Otherwise it's going great : D I finally feel like I'm "gettin' a life" or something.  

Next weekend I'm off to see my family&friends back home. :))) Long time no see...

These songs will probably forever remind me about a certain BMW and our random trips around western Finland.  ;))

Vaasan keskustassa ikkunat auki x) Ei ne ihmiset yhtään kattonut...

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