lauantai 13. elokuuta 2011

Life, Cats and Berlin and the Train of Thoughts.

I am sitting here with a sleepy gingerwhite cat in my lap wondering about life and eating chocolade after I just finished watching a movie that had been translated from Going Greek to Wankers... The thing I have been wondering is how hard it is to give up a certain amount of intependence and freedom once you've gotten used to them. Still, I am happy this way and a relationship demands sacrifices. Eventhough this place (a suburb if you'd like to call it that way) seems to be equally active and vibrant as the village back home. x) Well, at least it's beautiful and peaceful here and the church's park and ruins of the old town are nice.

It requires a bit of getting used to of course, to spend some time here as well as in the center, but in the end it's wonderful to have a certain someone in you life next to whom you can cuddle after the day and with whom you can laugh and cry and whine (and fill crossword puzzles and sudokus - yes it's what your grandparents might do but who cares we're weird...) . I had long thought I would be the last person on earth to find that person but apparently there are people as crazy as myself ;).

Also! Why do these radioamateurs keep popping up in my life!!? x) Now I know 6 of them! First my mom, then my boyfriend, a few of his friends and yesterday it turned out our mutual friend from karate is also one of them! Hohooo, sounds ominous, "one of Them" * evil laugh * (Stroking a cat like the evil bloke in the movie) The cat, which seems to have endless resources of hair to spread around the flat. And my clothes. And my food. And my lungs... x) Love these furryheaps, though.

The news of the day, which really got me interested, was that the Berlin Wall was constructed 50 years ago. It's weird to follow the development of history.  This especially reminds me of our trip there and all the history that is also part of the present in Berlin. I would really like to go there again. Even live there for a while. I loved that city and the contrast and the amazing atmosphere it has.

A great 'beginning of the day -song' Have been listening to him a lot lately.

Morning blues ;)


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  1. Berlin in my heart forever. <3
    I'd like to go there anytime.

    -S (: