lauantai 24. joulukuuta 2011

Well, it's Chtistmas! Again..

As all sensible Finnish people probably know, it' s Christmas, the time of happiness, peace and joy. The Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus combined with the ancient Germanic celebration of the darkest day of teh year (yule) and the day of St Nicholas. The declaration of the Christmas Peace in Finland on the other hand dates back to the Middle Ages. The Finnish Nuuttipukki a character from the Kekri fertility tradition, might also come by for food and drink.

Maybe once it was that.

Now: Disney!!! Consumption!!! By expensive presents for your darling little prats that are already spoiled for good! "DAAADY I want a new Nintendo game!" "Well of course my boy, anything you wish for". Yeah, well I'm an eternal cynic but unfortunately that's what Christmas seems to be nowadays for most people. I wonder what it will look like when the next generation is the one giving presents. Do they realize what's important in the world? Or do they just by stuff...?

At the end of the day people are not supposed to get all they want. It's life, so suck it up kids! :D

Teh end of Avautuminen....

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  1. It was a good avautuminen. Aiheesta. I think it's allowed to buy stuff, stuff that someone needs and wishes reasonable bounds. What is reasonable and what is needing is a different story. But I do agree with you, there used to be a different meaning for Christmas than a consuming party :D for my kids I will sure teach this. I wouldn't be so cynic about the next generation, even we turned out to be better than expected ;) ps. and seeing the smile on someone's face after finding a perfect gift - priceless. :))