tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2012

Hello everyone!

It's now been almost a year since I've last written here, so I thought I'd give a bit of around up on what's been going on lately and not so lately.

Firstly, I moved in with my boyfriend last spring. We now live in the center of Vaasa, which is a huge improvement from the suburb Old Vaasa apartment, which I thought was depressing and horrible in pretty much all possible ways. Now things are going well again. It feels again like I'm actually a student x)

Speaking of studying: I've been an international tutor now since autumn and it has been great! Although, I hope I could participate more, but as I have said; compromises are sometimes a must between two people. A couple of really nice German blokes have asked us (my boyfriend, me and a friend) to come to their place and cook a Finnish meal for them :D That should be fun! We'll see how that's coming together on Friday... Should be a blast, for they are really fun to be around. The only students that I've been in regular contact since I've started.

I should start writing my Bachelor's thesis... but somehow I still have difficulties in finding a good topic. Well that's always been my curse. I'm too much interested in basically everything to get a focused topic together and usually it comes to me only in the last second. We have a seminar meeting on Thursday and by then we should have a research plan together. I have a few ideas and I'm heading to see my supervisor tomorrow... I just hope I get out of his office on time x) the bloke realllly loves to talk. The last discussion took one and a half hours :P 

Also, we have currently four cats in here. Kismet and Eino had kittens and we still have one of them left.

I haven't been in karate for a while now.. which is sad and I kinda want to go back but also I don't. It's a bit of a weird thing at the moment. Well, I wouldn't have the money now anyway... I promised to my self once that I'd go back after Christmas... Let's see which side of me wins.

...And why does it seem that most of my friends in Vaasa are men...? -,-

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